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Maria Szekeres

Tel: 0759 59 56 573

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 Monday to Friday: 7am to 9pm

Saturday: 8am to 5pm

Sunday: by appointment only

"Custom made Fitness for me"

As reviewed by Trudy from Dronfield's very own Life & Style Magazine;

I've been to the Forge a few times for shopping, it's a lovely place to browse and stay for a coffee.  I've never been there to keep fit though.

Maria's CustomFITT studio is tucked away in the Forge.  A perfect place to call in for personal fitness sessions with free parking in a handy location. Maria is such a motivating person, always smiling and full of energy - exactly what I needed to make me work hard.

When I went along for my first customised session Maria asked me a few questions about what I was trying to achieve in my fitness.  Maria will only do weight and measurements if the client requests it.  She also includes nutritional advice in her packages if needed.  I explained that although I do go to the gym regularly I would really like to lose some weight from around my middle ( a typical curse post 40 I think - particularly if you like food and wine like I do!).

Maria explained that although cardio is great for burning calories, increasing your strength using toning and core exercises combined with some resistance work is a great way to make your body leaner too.

The studio is a really comfortable place to work out.  It's totally private and divided into two rooms equipped with every piece of kit you could possibly need.  We started off with mat work involving stretches and stomach crunches with Maria making sure my technique was spot-on.  I have a frozen shoulder problem as well as an old back injury so for me this was really important.  Once Maria had gauged my fitness level we moved onto some strength and resistance work, including hula hooping and balance work which kept the session fun as well as working my core.

I usually avoid exercising with weighs, but the moves that Maria showed me felt like they were really strengthening my muscles and not just pulling on my shoulder at all.  The beauty of a 1-1 session is that there is no guess work - you know that every move you make is going to be beneficial to you.  We fitted in so many different exercises in our one hour session that there was no time to be bored or tired.

Maria offerers 1-1 programmes for all ages, abilities and needs.. She can tailor a fitness programme to suit anyone.  She has many years of experience working in gyms and studios alike.  She works with male and female body builders, triathletes, young mums and mums to be and offers help with posture correction, injuries, and weight loss.

Verdict: I came out feeling like I had worked a just the right level and given my whole body a workout - great fun too


Established in 2012, CustomFITT is owned and run by Maria Szekeres, a personal trainer with over 30 years’ experience at gyms in Chesterfield, Sheffield and Dronfield.

For many people, going to a gym is a daunting experience. The motivation to get fit and become a healthier person disappears when they feel like everyone is watching them sweating and panting in unflattering gym attire.

A room full of scary equipment that is hard to operate means many people who get to the gym do not actually know the best ways to achieve their goals.

CustomFITT offers a fully equipped private studio, so clients do not have to share time or space with anyone else.

Even if you already have a gym membership, CustomFITT can offer you that extra push and motivation to help you achieve your goals.

Maria’s ethos is to get everyone feeling good about themselves – exercise should be fun, realistic and achievable, not a chore.

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